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Before Rock Band there was DrumMania/Percussion Master

December 13, 2007

Rock Band is the latest music instrument playing game available for consoles right now and personally I have played it and enjoyed it as it is a great game. I received my latest copy of a certain game magazine that prizes itself in generally ignoring arcade games unless it has to mention them (it even feigns mentioning the arcade versions of Time Crisis 4 and Ghost Squad in those selective reviews in the same issue. The only place you see any mention of an actual TC4 arcade game is in an ad in the very back. But they do have an interview with Tomohiro Nishikado, creator of Space Invaders.) But for those out there that may not know their arcade games very well, here is a video of DrumMania/Percussion Master (by AndaMiro/American Alpha) which brought virtual drumming to the arcades quite a while ago. What you see on the screen is a bit different than Rock Band but the concept is the same as the drummers part, hit the drums at the right moment according to the notes. If you already have played DrumMania/Percussion Master then great. If not, consider this a friendly Public Service Announcement. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. (video posted by Youtube user Muymacho)

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Arcade Heroes Battle of the Week: T-MEK vs. Tokyo Wars

December 13, 2007


Hello all and welcome to the Arcade Heroes Battle of the Week! This is a new idea I just had and I think it would be fun to pit two arcade games against each other that share some similarities and see how they do against your votes! For the first week we have T-MEK by Atari Games VS. Tokyo Wars by Namco. Granted they are different games although they do share a couple of similarities with each other, which is good enough for me to pit them against each other. If you want to see a couple of your favorite games go at it in future battles, comment below or comment in the forums about your picks and we’ll take it into consideration! Have fun and vote!

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Update on my arcade

December 13, 2007

It’s been a little while since I posted about my arcade progress. For those that aren’t aware, I am working on opening up my very own arcade place. It has been an arduous journey so far but I’m slowly inching my way there. While I couldn’t get the amount of money I really wanted, I have received  an OK amount to get me started.  I had to go the route of a bank loan which took much longer than I had hoped but at the same time it’s not a big deal since I have not secured a location yet. I could probably have got more with an investor but the issue is finding an interested investor.

Next up is my location. A couple of weeks ago I issued two letters of intent on two different locations to see which one would give me the best offer. Both are taking their time, one gave a counter offer I was not happy with and I may pass on that location(especially when they want me to define what I mean by running an arcade when it’s already been explained to them and they have my business plan which clearly defines what it is). The other location I just not have heard much about as they have been a little slow – it’s not in as desirable of a location as the first but it’s cheaper, bigger and I won’t have to finish the job of actually completing the building (the first one still needs two rooms built including a bathroom and it needs the walls and ceiling finished). But a twist came around a couple of days ago – there is one great location I wanted badly but when I finally could move on it, some other company issued their letter of intent. But it turns out they had second thoughts or something of that nature so the realtor called us and asked if we were still interested. We said we definently jump on it. Things were looking good until yesterday when they suddenly changed their minds and so it’s off the table again. So sadly I was strung along and that was quite irritating, I’m not even even sure why they’d bother calling me saying it’s available when they want to give priority to someone else that is dragging their feet.

Hopefully I’ll have a new update on the location next week.

Black Spiderman pinball machine released

December 13, 2007

Stern Pinball issued a press release yesterday stating that the Black Spiderman pinball machine (that we first reported about in October) is now available in limited quantities. When they say limited, they really mean it – only 500 of these are being made. It’s the same game as other Spiderman pins – just with a different set of artwork related to the black suit Spidey seen in Spiderman 3. If you’re interested in reading the press release, hit the post break.

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Pixel Party – Art for the game room or personal wear

December 13, 2007


I’m always interested in finding something to spruce up the game room or arcade. These pieces of art from Pixel Party at seem to do the job, especially if you hold any affection for Pac-Man or Mario. There are also a few NES related items there too (which technically showed up in arcades due to Nintendo’s PlayChoice systems back in the day).

pacghosts.jpg paclove.jpg

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