Game of the Year: The Results


So after a month of voting the results are in and the winner is a not a total surprise considering it’s following. Can you guess what it is yet? (yes I know I’ve given it away with the picture!)

And the winner is………………… Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5!

Following up closely in joint second are Global VR’s Alien Extermination and Sega’s Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe. Finally in third place is Sega’s 2 Spicy. So a pretty good result for Sega, although as one of the big forces in the coin-op biz you would expect this.

With Global VR coming in joint second, I think it may show that Sega will have some competition for the next Arcade Heroes’ GOTY. I think with games like NASCAR and America’s Army coming out and with games like Blazing Angels in the pipeline, VR has a very strong line up. Of course that’s not to say Sega or any of the other companies don’t either! We will just have to wait and see!

Special mentions have to go out to the following games that game came very close to getting in to the top three. Those games are; F&F: Tokyo Drift, Let’s Go Jungle, Mario Kart GP 2, Maximum Tune 3, Silent Hill Arcade and last, and by no means least, The Act.

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Full break-down of the results after the break.

2 Spicy – 8.9%, Alien Extermination – 12.5%, America’s Army – 3.6%, F&F Tokyo Drift – 5.4%, F&F Superbikes – 1.8%, Let’s Go Jungle – 5.4 %, Mario Kart GP 2 – 5.4%, Maximum Tune 3 – 5.4%, Outrun 2 SP SDX – 12.5%, Sea Wolf (Redemption) – 1.8%, Silent Hill Arcade – 5.4%, Silver Strike Bowling – 3.6%, Pinball – 3.6%, Target Toss: Pro Bags – 1.8%, Tekken 6 – 3.6%, The Act – 5.4%, Fighter 5 – 14.3%.

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4 Comments on “Game of the Year: The Results”

  1. editor Says:

    For all those visiting London, the Troc has two VF5 machines on Level One.

  2. Molloy Says:

    I think Afterburner: Climax would have been up there as well if it hadn’t been left off the poll for the first day or two.

    It’s certainly alot better than Let’s Go Jungle, which is one of Sega’s poorest releases in years.

  3. twistedsupreme Says:

    I’ll admit that was a mistake on our part, bizarrly this is one of my favourite games too. I guess I just didnt think of it because its been out a while.

    Dont agree about LGJ, it’s great fun. How come you dont like it?

  4. VF5 is back in the Trocadero now? Awesome, it was completely gone when I was there in November. That was a shame, as I caught the first machine they had on the day of installation back in July – must have been a test.

    As I said, I’d have voted it for game of the year but due to the late international release and lack of IC cards, I eventually went for 2 Spicy instead. Glad to see both games getting recognition, as well as OutRun 2 SP SDX which is good fun. Can’t say I thought much of Alien, mind.

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