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Sega Amusements Europe ATEI 2008 Line-up

December 9, 2007


Sega Amusements Europe has announced their ATEI 2008 line-up. The Sega Amusements Europe stand will feature products including Sega UFO catcher, Sega Race TV, Shoot This Win This, Primeval Hunt, Mini Rider 2 and Lets Go Jungle.

Sega’s UFO catcher will dominate the Sega Amusements Europe stand, with a “Sega UFO Catcher Experience” planned. As part of this, the UFO Catcher machine will be displayed, as well as hand picked merchandise from Sega Prize Europe. UFO Catcher is a crane machine where players maneuver the UFO into a winnable position and press the descend button to hopefully grab a prize. The machine can handle a range of products, including iPods, Phones, and plush toys. Sega UFO Catcher is completely skill based, and winning is based on the player’s sill and judgement.

Sega Race TV is a racer powered by the Lindbergh system that has a distinctly American theme. The game is a twin driver which is linkable with up to 4 players able to race together at a time. Five courses are available, including Sunshine Coast, Jake’s World, Sunshine World, Slip Circuit and a hidden track. The cabinet features a special boost button beneath the gear shift, which when charged makes your car accelerate. Race TV features 9 licensed cars including makes from Ford, Chevrolet and Mazda.

Shoot This Win This is a carnival style prize vending game where players shoot objects on the screen to gain points, with players aiming to move up the prize ladder and win a prize. There are 6 mini games to play, and each has a different theme and targets to shoot. These range from Loony Moon, where players shoot aliens and UFOs; to Wacky Track where players shoot it out in the Wild West with gold miners. The unit features 7 prize arms which can accommodate small and major prizes, and is also available in a redemption configuration.

Primeval Hunt is a gun shooting game for one or two players where you hunt prehistoric dinosaurs, including T-Rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. In total there are 10 different types of dinosaurs to hunt across 12 stages. Primeval Hunt features two pump action guns with inbuilt speakers. The cabinet also integrates touch screen technology, with players able to plan their attacks and move easily around the game by using the touch screen monitor. The game comes in standard and deluxe models, with the deluxe version featuring a giant 62″ screen.


Soul Calibur 4 Custom Arcade Stick

December 9, 2007


Not strictly in our field of news, but this is too cool to not post up a picture of. This fine looking custom made arcade stick for the Xbox 360 recently sold for just over $50 on ebay. Which in my opinion is a bargain, presuming it all works nicely.

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The Zamperla Telecombat – The ultimate Game/Ride simulator

December 9, 2007

In continuing with my efforts to inform the public about different simulator games today I will discuss an unusual piece, the Zamperla Telecombat.

This machine is an unusual combination of Amusement Ride crosses arcade game. I have always thought this was quite a nice combination because if your an amusement ride enthusiast like me, and also like arcade games, then this becomes the ultimate, perfect simulator for you. I only know of one instance of this ride existing, and that is in the Amusement Park Marineland, which is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. There are other rides called the telecombat but they are not the same as this particular ride. There is little information about this ride however I believe it was installed in the park in the late 1980’s. It definitely has the late 80’s or even early 80’s type graphics so it is a classic machine and not something modern.

This is technically an amusement ride, so it has multiple ride vehicles, probably about 10-12 2 person pods. The ride accomodates both children and adults. Once you get into the ride and strap yourself in you are faced with a joystick similar to Space Harrier with a trigger on top. I haven’t been to Marineland since about 8th grade so my mind may be a bit fuzzy on some of these details. When the ride starts you see the other pods on the screen, which correspond to the actual pods on the ride. The object of the game is to shoot down the pods on the screen, and when you hit one, the actual pod is sent spinning and it lowers to the ground to indicate a hit. If someone else hits the pod you are in on the screen, then your pod will descend as well. The pods spin around and raise and lower with movement corresponding to the way you move the joystick. From what I remember this ride does not work very well and its quite complex to maintain. The monitors are also difficult to see in the sunlight so the experience is hampered a bit. Its very cool and unique though and has that great late 1980’s feel to it. I am actually surprised they are still operating this ride, and I hope they don’t decide to get rid of it for something newer. Here are some pictures of the ride. Click the link and picture to see them.

If anyone can elaborate on this ride, such as year of installation and futher details on its game play I welcome any comments about it.

Zamperla Telecombat

Zamperla Telecombat Ride

Game of the Year: The Results

December 9, 2007


So after a month of voting the results are in and the winner is a not a total surprise considering it’s following. Can you guess what it is yet? (yes I know I’ve given it away with the picture!)

And the winner is………………… Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5!

Following up closely in joint second are Global VR’s Alien Extermination and Sega’s Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe. Finally in third place is Sega’s 2 Spicy. So a pretty good result for Sega, although as one of the big forces in the coin-op biz you would expect this.

With Global VR coming in joint second, I think it may show that Sega will have some competition for the next Arcade Heroes’ GOTY. I think with games like NASCAR and America’s Army coming out and with games like Blazing Angels in the pipeline, VR has a very strong line up. Of course that’s not to say Sega or any of the other companies don’t either! We will just have to wait and see!

Special mentions have to go out to the following games that game came very close to getting in to the top three. Those games are; F&F: Tokyo Drift, Let’s Go Jungle, Mario Kart GP 2, Maximum Tune 3, Silent Hill Arcade and last, and by no means least, The Act.

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Full break-down of the results after the break.


Disney Quest Arcade closing in 2008

December 9, 2007

Many sources are reporting that Disney Quest will be closing in early 2008. If you have not heard of Disney Quest, it is a big arcade at Disney with lots of classics games and simulators. The arcade has an admission rate, I think it’s somewhere between $30 and $40, and all the games are set on free play. Redemption games cost money to play beyond the normal admission rates, but simulators are also included in the admission price. The admission price covers all-day admission to the park just like a normal theme park, and I believe you can also purchase a pass to Disney Quest in combination with other Disney resort packages.

I think this is a pretty good value, some simulators can be very expensive to play by themselves so being able to play everything limitlessly for a whole day is quite awesome. They have Max Flight coaster simulators where you can design your own roller coaster and then ride it, as well Disney-themed simulation rides such as Aladdin’s Magic Carpet. This arcade is well known for hosting a wide variety of actual, working classic arcade games, so it will be a real shame to see it go. I have heard very good things about their selection of games and the condition they are kept in, even though the games are on free play. In addition to the selection of classic games and simulators they also feature newer games like Dance Dance Revolution.

Not enough promotion of the park with other resort packages, few to no new major simulation attractions and flat attendance rates are cited as the reasons for the imminent closing this park/arcade. If you want to visit this arcade I would suggest going soon before it goes belly up. Some sources say that Disney Quest will be replaced with an ESPN Zone arcade. We will have to wait and see what will happen with that.

On another note I have a Disney Quest backpack that I picked up at a garage sale. I guess I will be holding onto it for some time to see if it becomes valuable.

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