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What Have We Been Playing This Week….

December 5, 2007


Now you may notice an extra name on the post this week and that is because we have added a new member to the team. Sara has been tipping us for a while on simulator related news. So I thought it would be great to add another point of view to the Arcade Heroes’ team. She’s quite busy at the moment, but you can look forward to her first post some time in the not to distant future.

So back to the post, what have we have been playing……


-Final Fantasy Chocobo Tales DS
-Pokemon Pearl DS


-Asteroids & Deluxe (XBLA)
-Carcassone (XBLA)
-Orange Box: Half-Life 2 (Xbox 360)
-Space Interceptor (PC)
-Metal Slug Anthology (Wii)

Twisted Supreme

-Wacky Races (Arcade)
-Call of Duty 4 (360)
-Elite Beat Agents (DS)
-Halo 3 (360)
-Silver Strike Bowling (Arcade)

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Editorial: 1 step to improve your arcade – Fix the games!

December 5, 2007

Have you ever walked into an arcade, looking for your favorite game that you always playbrokemspacman.jpg and once you find it plop in some quarters/tokens to find that one of the buttons don’t work? Or The joystick doesn’t work when pushed in a certain direction? Or maybe the sound doesn’t work? Sometimes you can tell that a game is broken by simply looking at it when the monitor is out of sync or discolored. Either way it doesn’t matter which one of these situations you encounter, it creates a bad experience, especially if you play a 2 player game and it’s only your side that happens to malfunction. Now sometimes players might forgive it if it happens with only one game but what if several games are out of order in some fashion to the point that it feels that half of the arcade is down? Have any of you had this experience? I have and it is quite irritating. In fact I haven’t visited one local arcade in months because my last visit there felt like a total waste of money and since it wasn’t the first time I had such an experience at that particular place, I was fed up with it. I checked out another arcade and it was nearly the same story.

Now am I the only person that experience’s something this annoying at their local arcade? Sadly no. If you look around the internet you’ll find others that have had similar experiences. In fact if you have, feel free to comment to this post.

Now understand that I am not trying to be anti-operator here. As an operator I understand that it can be a challenge to do such work – techs capable of repairing machines are hard to find and generally are expensive to pay. Most of the employees hired to arcades are unskilled with electronics and as an operator yourself you may not have the time nor expertise to fix the games. But consider this : what impression are your customers leaving with if most of your arcade is not functioning? Do you even know if your games are broken? People don’t not enjoy being ripped off and that is exactly what happens when a broken game is left on the floor unlabeled. And they will not come back. No customers = no sales = closed arcade. It seems that some operators simply don’t care about the upkeep of the machines as unsuspecting suckers will put money in regardless of the condition of the game. One thing is guaranteed however –  you will loose customers over broken games. The games are part of an arcade’s life blood. It may not be the primary attraction depending on the type of arcade you run but if they are part of your business at all and you are going to bother to have them, they should be well maintained. Otherwise broken games will cost you more than it would to not fix them in lost sales. If you are already on top of this issue and you do everything you can to keep your games fixed then congratulations.

Continue reading by hitting the post break where you can also feel free to share ideas if you own an arcade and have had success in maintaining a good arcade.