Wacky Races On Secret Location Test At London Trocadero


Received a great tip yesterday from site reader Jimmy Beech. Read on….

Yo arcade dudes!

Thought you’d wanna know that I saw a new racing game at Funland today, some guy there said it was on secret testing and it was Wacky Races. You know with Dasterdly and Muttley and it looks pretty cool. I was going to get you a photo with my phone but a guy told me I couldn’t take photos. Dunno how long its going to be there so maybe you wanna check it out.

Well you’d be right there Jimmy, so I did.

Check out the photos I managed to grab below and above. The game is by Gamewax and Banpresto. For for those of you who don’t know, Banpresto are owned by Namco Bandai. Stayed tuned because I managed to snag about 10mins of video too! Impressions of the game in the next post as well. Enjoy

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