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Only One Week To Go! Vote Now For Your Game Of The Year!

December 1, 2007


So seeing as we are coming up to our first birthday and as we creep closer and closer to have achieved 100,000 hits we thought what better way to celebrate than to hold a poll on your game of the year (released in the UK and/or North America).

Granted it’s not the most original idea in the world, although saying that there is still a general lack of arcade websites out there and we may even by the only one that’s doing anything like this.

So check out the list of games below (if there’s any games you think we’ve missed let us know via the comments), and then hit……..


Thanks to Shaggy for finding this poll website, definitely makes things easier. BTW- The list has been updated, we apologize for missing a couple of games.

So here they are…..

2 Spicy
Aliens: Extermination
Americas Army
Buck Hunter Pro
Chase HQ 2
Crazy Streets – Thrill Drive
Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNova 2
Deal or No Deal [Redemption]
Family Guy [Pinball]
Fast and Furious Drift
Fast and Furious: Super Bikes
Ghost Squad Evolution
Golden Tee LIVE 2008
Initial D 4
King of Fighters Max Impact Reg. A
Let’s Go Jungle/Special
Lost Paradise
Manic Panic Ghost
Mario Kart GP 2
Maximum Tune 3
Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe
Panzer Elite (i-GO motion)
Sea Wolf (Redemption/Video)
Silent Hill Arcade
Silver Strike Bowling 2007
Spiderman [Pinball]
Target Toss
Tekken 6
The Act
Virtua Fighter 5
Wasteland Racer
Wheel of Fortune (Pinball)

[There may well be some that came out last year, but we figured we’d include them seeing as this is our 1st Annual GOTY Awards!]

Deadline 8th December 2007

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A look at Pinball Petes (and Guitar Freaks v3)

December 1, 2007

There are still plenty of good arcades out there – you just need to know where to look. One awesome arcade that is worth a look (and a visit) is Pinball Pete’s in Ann Arbor, MI. The first video below shows a quick tour of the arcade (w/o commentary) and you may catch some favorites there. I noticed that there are quite a number of deluxe cabinets setup on the floor and a few rare titles. Second up is a video of Guitar Freaks (the spiritual predecessor to Guitar Hero) which can also be found at Pinball Pete’s (you see someone giving it a shot in the first video but they can only be seen for a couple of seconds). The first video is a little bit old but I caught it when I found a location review of Pinball Pete’s at Game Blips.

Pinball Pete’s Tour (video credit: gruelurks)

Guitar Freaks v3 @ Pinball Pete’s (Video credit: Wakassjak)

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HardCore Gamer Issue 30 out

December 1, 2007


The latest edition of HardCore Gamer is out and the arcade entry this month is America’s Army. Of course it has plenty of other excellent console related reviews which are good as well but it’s always good to point out where arcades get recognition. Next month expect to see a NASCAR review. Also mentioned in this issue is the arcade version of Time Crisis 4 which you may have heard is headed to the PS3. What would you like to see in a future issue of HGM?

BTW I caught a mention of arcades in the latest issue of Gameinformer (the one with Ghostbusters on the cover) and as usual they did little research on the subject so it ends up being something negative – to the point of making it sound as though arcades are totally dead and that there are no new releases coming out. Funny, I imagine that all the people that recently attended IAAPA may have something to say about that. But maybe I’m expecting too much from a ‘big’ magazine like GI, I mean it’s just so darned hard to research what’s going on in arcades when you’ve got plenty overhyped console games to write reviews about that your advertisers are paying for.

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