Atari's Laserdisc Malibu Grand Prix

I stumbled across this on Digital Press and would love to know more about it. Below are links to test footage for Atari’s never-released laserdisc driving game, shown here in 3 parts. Filmed at Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City, there’s not much to see as far as gameplay but it does contain some behind-the-scenes footage of Atari’s lab. I have searched high and low for some more info on this unreleased laserdisc game but so far nothing. So for the moment hit the links below to see these videos on You Tube. For some reason the ability to embed the videos has been removed, what the hells that about!

Video 1                                                                         


Video 2


Video 3


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One Comment on “Atari's Laserdisc Malibu Grand Prix”

  1. Matteo Says:

    Can you please upload the videos somewhere else ? Youtube removed them…
    Thanks !

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