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What We Have Been Playing This Week……

November 6, 2007



To clarify from the off, one of the names I use as my initials on arcade games is RAT which is just one of my many nicknames.

So it was a regular Friday night up the pub, and I figure I’ll have a quick bowl. What I did not expect was to smash my previous best of 211, and bowl an absolute blinder. But that is exactly what happened! Now I know I’m not top of the leader board, but I’ll get there one day, I swear! Check out the thumbs for the breakdown of the 235 game and also my standing on the 3 game series leader board.


-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade/XBLA)
-Dracula (Atari Lynx)
-Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo Wii)
-Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
-Microsurgeon (Texas Instruments 99/4A)

Twisted Supreme

-Silver Strike Bowling (got in new record for me 235!)
-Halo 3 (360)
-PES 2008 (360)
-Orange Box (360)
-Bomberman (SNES)

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Houston Arcade Expo – Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st 2007

November 6, 2007


(Click on the flyer to enlarge)

It seems like everywhere has an annual arcade expo except for where I live. That will have to change once I get my arcade open. The latest expo I have learned about is the 6th annual Houston Arcade Expo, taking place this November 30th & 1st of December (Friday and Saturday). On Friday it is only going from 6PM-2AM, Saturday is 10AM-2AM for $15/day or $25 for a weekend pass. It will take place at the Houston Grand Plaza Hotel and they are going to have 150 games available to play, including video games and pins, mostly great classics. If you live in the area, this will certainly be a blast to go and participate in as it will also include prizes (cash and door), a game raffle and contests.

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Raw Thrills announces a rebate for The Fast and Furious Drift, dedicates $25 mil. to new arcade games

November 6, 2007


Raw Thrills just announced that the 3500th unit of The Fast and Furious Drift came off the line and to celebrate they are offering an instant rebate for operators who purchased the game for $500 off per game. The promotion goes from Nov. 5th to the 30th and can be received from any Raw Thrills distributor.

It’s also interesting to quote industry legend (and Raw Thrills’ founder) Eugene Jarvis. I’ll bold a few of the interesting statements he made:

“Drift continues to earn well and top all the player and operator charts as the #1 Driving game in the industry and we at Raw Thrills could not be more satisfied by how this product has been received by our customers. I think we made a powerful statement when we held the price the same for Drift as the original Fast & Furious that was released almost 3 years earlier. We would like to make another strong statement now to express our gratitude for all the support shown to date with this $500 Instant Rebate. Raw Thrills is committed to the coin-op amusement business and we’re working hard to develop exciting new products that you will see over the next few years. In fact, we will invest over $25 million for research and development of new Raw Thrills/PlayMechanix products over the next 5 years. We know, as you do, that the cash box is king and, therefore, Raw Thrills will continue to strive to develop great games that earn consistently with longevity. Thank you again for all the support!”

The racing circuit certainly is heating up between F&F Drift, NASCAR, Sega’s Race TV, Initial D4 and MaxiTune 3. But I find it interesting at the amount of cash they are investing into new games – they obviously have several new games in the pipeline, which is something I have been wondering about as they have been relatively quiet as far as new games go. Also Jarvis understands the attraction of a decent price point. Either way, the next few years in the arcade industry are going to be a lot of fun.

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8 NASCAR cabs next to each other

November 6, 2007


(Click to enlarge)

I just dropped by the Cosmic Amusements website for the first time and I caught this scene, pictured above. Just thought it would be nice to share, in case anyone wanted to know what 8 deluxe NASCAR cabinets together looked liked. Just add two more on there for the total number of games that can be supported. The most cabinets I’ve ever played linked was up to four and that in itself can be quite a fun experience – I can imagine that 8 or 10 cabinets linked together on a game as fun as this (I did have a chance to play NASCAR the other day, I’ll post my impressions on that soon) would be a blast and a more entertaining experience than an online multiplayer match as you can see (and  give a good ribbing to)  your friends/opponents in the other seats.

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