Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Gundam kit


In Japan there are no shortage of Gundam themed games and that is a trend that is reflected even more by Japan’s arcade scene with the likes of thos awesome dome shaped cabinets and the Gundam games inside. In March 2008 another Gundam game makes it’s way to arcades, known as “Mobile Suit Gundam VS. Gundam” and a kit for the game will be available at that time. Coinopexpress has posted information about the kit so at this point we simply have to wait. It is unlikely that any distributors outside Japan will pick up this game but you can always hope.

Speaking of this game, it appears their site has been updated with new screenshots, which is always a bonus for Gundam players that want to check this game out.

[Gundam VS Gundam Website

[Gundam VS. Gundam kit @] [Discuss on the Forum]

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2 Comments on “Mobile Suit Gundam Vs. Gundam kit”

  1. Colin Says:

    huh, looks like a cool game. We need some nice arcade Gundam games over here in North America. But then again, where the hell would I play it? I haven’t seen an arcade of any kind outside of a movie theater in a long time.

  2. anavelgato Says:

    Gundam Games are my favorite

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