Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a great holiday and a fun night. If you get a chance, play a few arcade games as well. I attempted to carve a pumpkin with Bentley Bear in it (from Crystal Castles) but the pumpkin shell was a little too hard and I didn’t have the right tools to carve out the detail I wanted.

Do you have any arcade games that you ever got a chill from? Comment on what you think the scariest arcades of all time are! It can be a little difficult as when you play an arcade title it’s generally in public but there still are some good ones out there.

Personally I have taken some time to play Dracula the Undead for the Atari Lynx today. This is one of the creepiest games ever – probably the most creepy and scary on a handheld.

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4 Comments on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Happy halloween guys! I think I’m getting a little old for this kind of things, but today I’m going to get as many candy as possible! Do you guys have a costume already? I saw this video that gives some makeup tips:

    Good luck on your candy hunt!

  2. RyanDG Says:

    As cliched as it is, House of the Dead (and its sequels) get a lot of points from me for sheer “suspense” value. There isn’t much “horror” in the game, but it keeps you jumping the whole time.

  3. Shaggy Says:

    Agreed, the HOTD series is the best for suspense. There was Beast Busters but the way the game was setup just didn’t appeal like HOTD.

    It should be interesting to see how Silent Hill fare on the arcade scene.

  4. twistedsupreme Says:

    Silent Hill Arcade was pretty creepy when i played it, which is helped by the cabinet being enclosed in those torn drapes. Console wise the first dog that jumped through the widnow in Resi Evil always made me jump. Also I cant play Condemded, that game creeps me out way to much!

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