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More images of Sea Wolf

October 31, 2007


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Thanks to our reader Tony Del Grosso, here are some more images of the new redemption game that is based on the classic arcade title Sea Wolf. From the looks of it, the entire display appears to be the periscope view and the player moves the control to fire torpedoes at the ships that pass by on the screen, although the paths that the torpedoes follow are pre-set. Still it looks like a fun and classic arcade concept, with the redemption payout of course. Thanks Tony!

seawolf3.jpg seawolf1.jpg

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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a great holiday and a fun night. If you get a chance, play a few arcade games as well. I attempted to carve a pumpkin with Bentley Bear in it (from Crystal Castles) but the pumpkin shell was a little too hard and I didn’t have the right tools to carve out the detail I wanted.

Do you have any arcade games that you ever got a chill from? Comment on what you think the scariest arcades of all time are! It can be a little difficult as when you play an arcade title it’s generally in public but there still are some good ones out there.

Personally I have taken some time to play Dracula the Undead for the Atari Lynx today. This is one of the creepiest games ever – probably the most creepy and scary on a handheld.

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