Soundtrack for Sega’s Dynamite Deka EX (aka Asian Dynamite)


While I haven’t heard of Sega’s newest NAOMI based 3D fighter showing up in any arcades in the States yet(I know it’s shown up in some venues in Europe however), it’s still a game I hope to play soon – even if I have to end up importing it. I do hope Sega brings a brawler game to the Lindbergh platform though – brawlers were made for arcades and I miss seeing them and playing new ones.

Anyways, if you happen to be interested in Asian Dynamite or have a had a chance to play it and listen to the soundtrack, you soon will be able to own the said track. There are a total of 45 tracks (they must be rather short) and it goes on sale in Japan on November 29th for about 2,525 yen.

[Asian Dynamite Soundtack @ Sega Direct] [Discuss on the Forum]

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