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Video: The Act gameplay

October 26, 2007

So I finally managed to get some sound on The Act by hooking up a speaker that I pulled from one of my JAMMA cabinets. I am considering looking for a cabinet to put the game into this weekend but I don’t really have any more space for a cabinet at this point. I found a cabinet at a thrift store today (Time Soldiers) but they were asking $300 for it which was too much. Anyways, here is a video of The Act – I apologize for the horrible sound, all I had was the built-in mic on my digital camera and as you’ll be able to tell, it’s cheap. UPDATE: If you enjoyed this part, also check out another more interesting part of the game where you actually steer Edgar through a chase scene, physically controlling the movement of a cartoon character.

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Global VR Updates NASCAR to allow for linking up to 10 cabinets

October 26, 2007


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It’s not often you find a game that will link more than four cabinets together, much less 10. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to afford that many cabs for my arcade! The newest update to the game (known as Ver 1.1) is free and also allows operators to shut off certain tracks if they wish (although I am not sure what that would accomplish, unless you are doing a one track competition). Finally the update offers support for the motion based version of the game which has been designed for larger locations. All new units being shipped out will include the update.

Ans speaking of units shipped, NASCAR certainly is doing very well at the moment, the press release from GVR states that : “GLOBAL VR has filled orders for literally thousands of games that are finding their way to locations both domestically and abroad.”. You can be sure that Sega and Namco are paying attention to this so that probably means expect to see even more racers in 2008. Personally I’d just be happy with a more affordable Initial D4 cabinet. 🙂

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Virtua Fighter Pachislot

October 26, 2007


This reminds me of the HOTD slot machine I saw at the ATEi this year. I don’t think I took a picture of it, but it was there, I swear.

[via Kotaku]

The granddaddy of 3D fighting games, Virtua Fighter, is getting its own pachislot (think pachinko meets slots) machine. Not surprising as SEGA Sammy Holdings is in the pachinko business. The machine isn’t set to hit Japanese pachinko parlors until this December. Until keep in mind that pachislots, just like Virtua Fighter, is all about timing — not to mention winning, too.

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