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Awesome Neon Game Room Signs

October 22, 2007


If the shipping on these signs wasn’t ridiculously high ($143 USD) I’d be all over these for my own game room (or arcade). Either way they look really nice and cover both arcade and pinball enthusiasts.

lpp-gross800.jpg pinball-game-room-final-800.jpg

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Panoramic Mech Simulator Arcades in Japan

October 22, 2007


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While these aren’t anything new (there is a review of these from sometime ago at they are always cool to look at and even cooler to play. Gizmodo takes a brief look at these games in Japan, which sadly we’ll probably never see overseas. Gizmodo also has a video of the gameplay up which makes me wonder why we don’t see more mech games in the arcade, it seems like mech arcade play is something that should be as natural as a racer or light-gun game as the arcade design can give you an experience far better than a mech game at home.

Here is a video on youtube of these cabinets:

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