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More price drops on games

October 19, 2007

While looking around some distributor websites, I noticed some further price drops on games. For example the Deluxe version of Aliens: Extermination is now only $8975 where before it had been $11k. This probably has to do with GlobalVR’s price drops although it took a little longer for it to happen on this game than some of the other games. I also am noticing some price differences on some Sega titles, including AfterBurner Climax and Ghost Squad Evolution and a slight drop on the House of The Dead 4 ; Taito’s Chase HQ 2 is also $700 cheaper, sitting @ $7050 on BHM Vending. I am not sure if this is just a seasonal sale or not, but it was at least present on two different distributor websites (BHM Vending and BMI Gaming). Looks like those waves that GlobalVR made are starting to have an effect across the board and I can’t be happier to see this happening as it will only lead to more game purchases and hopefully more arcades expanding or popping up and thus leading to more interest in the industry.

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Golden Tee Live 2008 cabinet and price

October 19, 2007

BHM Vending has a place for the latest arcade version of Golden Tee up on their site along with an ordering page. The game is going for $4950 with this particular distributor which is a pretty good price for what you are getting. Just to recap some of the features this game has:

  • Play for Glory or Prizes With an All New Tournament System
  • All New Practice Facility Model
  • Unique “Course Sampler” Model
  • Immediate Feedback and Rewards
  • Commentary and Analysis by Jim Nantz, Peter Jacobsen, Gary Player, Chris DiMarco and Laura Diaz
  • Seasonal Course Conditions Add New Dimensions to Play
  • Revolutionary Help Feature Offers Solutions During the Game
  • Compete Against Players with Similar Skill From Across the Country
  • Revolutionary Player Ranking System
  • Customizable Players

On top of that they have intergrated a wireless connection into the game that works “where ever a mobile phone works”. This is a pretty good option for operators that may not want to set up the necessary equipment for standard broadband (which the game also supports – broadband or dial-up). On top of that they say that the hardware is “more powerful than a consumer-based game system” and supports “high-resolution graphics” with a flat-screen monitor. It can even take credit cards! Impressed? I sure am, all this packed into one game for less than $5000 is the type of model arcade developers need to seek after. GlobalVR is going down the same path, they just need to improve the graphics and they’ll be set. Hopefully that “expert” that said that sports games are impossible to have in an arcade setting will also take notice.

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Article: Video Game Arcades make a comeback

October 19, 2007

[Via The Stinger Report]

We have constantly made an effort to point out signs of both progress and growth in the arcade industry and it has been getting easier lately as those signs become more and more abundant. In an article pointed out to us by the Stinger Report, a report by the name of John Gaudiosi has penned an article discussing the comeback of arcades, primarily large ones like Sega’s Gameworks and Dave & Busters type places. While I don’t agree that “Mom and Pop type arcades” are completely gone (as I mentioned recently there are quite a few in my area) it’s a good article that makes a wonderful point: there are just certain experiences you can’t get at home – those experiences are found in the arcade.

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Samurai Spirits Location Testing

October 19, 2007

[Via Arcade Renaissance]

This is quite the week for fighters. First the news about Street Fighter 4 and now word about Samurai Spirits going on location test in Japan. There is no word on if this will make it overseas, although the Samurai Spirits website does have information in English as well as Japanese (the generally don’t do that for games that are Japan-only) so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for anything about the game coming out elsewhere. Either way, 2008 looks like it may see a comeback for fighters in the arcade, with the likes of Tekken 6, VF5, BasaraX and later Street Fighter 4 showing up on the market. Samurai Spirits uses the Taito Type X2 hardware, much like the latest King of Fighters title and is also in 3D as opposed to the more traditional 2D style for the series.

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