Table Top Pac-Man


Now this is the ideal solutions for those of us with limited space for an arcade cabinet in our homes, that’s if you’ve got $1,995 to spend on it.

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 Arcade cabinets are famous for taking up more space than they should, and Brookstone aims to solve this problem by making available a miniature version of an arcade cabinet that includes accurate reproductions of classics like Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga right down to the minutest of details, including original sound effects and button/joystick controls. Unfortunately, if you’re living in a cramped apartment (which is why you’re checking out such a space saving device in the first place), chances are you won’t be able to afford the $1,995price tag. After all, MAME is free (although the ROMs are somewhat a gray area), two grand could get you a more than decent gaming rig. I say pick up Namco’s Museum DS instead for a trip down memory lane instead.

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  1. […] We posted about this a little while ago, but I forgot to post my impressions about the game as I recently had a chance to see one in person. Namco has released another Pac-Man cabinet for arcades but this one is quite a bit smaller than your standard arcade cab – it’s meant for countertops. By using a high-quality LCD screen they have basically taken the large 25th anniversary edition of the game and stuffed it into thismore compact and space saving box. It actually looks really nice in person and plays just as you would expect it too, although the joystick itself is a little bit small so an avid Pac-Man player may have to get used to that. This unit also has Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga available to play. There are two units, one for coin-op and one for home, the home edition being slightly cheaper due to the lack of coin-mechs. Now I would like to see Namco release a coin-op version of Pac-Man CE (available on Xbox Live Arcade) as Pac-Man belongs in a real arcade! […]

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