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Become Pac-Man

October 16, 2007

For anyone out there who dreamt of jumping through the TV screen and being in a video game, now you have your chance… well sort of.

On the 17-21 October 2007 the International Design Expo 2007 will be hosting ‘pacman-plus’, among other exhibitions and workshops.

This workshop with initially be a 5metre by 6metre maze, and requires 5 people to join in.

3 Players in the maze.

1 Player is Pac-man

2 Players are the Ghosts.

2 Players outside of the maze.

1 Player in radio contact with Pac-man.

1 Player controlling the 2 Ghosts.

There will be no pills to munch on the way, and the Ghosts do not actually get to eat Pac-man, however there will be 4 ‘Powerpills’ in the maze that allows Pac-man to eat (touch) Ghosts. 

Unlike the real game Pac-man, like us humans, only has 1 life, so when you get caught by the Ghost it is Game-Over.

For any of you interested in living out a childhood dream, you just have to get yourself to Birmingham. Entry is £5, and ‘pacman-plus’ participation is free.

Check out the International Design Expo 2007 here


The pacman-plus website here


Otomedius launched in Japan

October 16, 2007


I almost missed this earlier today. Konami’s latest well-endowed anime girl shooter is now available in Japan, bringing with it side-scrolling shmup action – along with a touch screen. The chances of seeing the game outside of Japan are pretty low but one has to wonder why Konami doesn’t try to test games like this out in foreign markets. There still are a good number of shmup fans out there and something as different as Otomedius could bring more people to the genre but I suppose we’ll never know for sure. The otomedius website has received a facelift since I last checked it, it appears that updates will be coming (or as it says on the website “Comming”) soon. Well they aren’t shy about the innuendo are they?

[Otomedius Website] [Discuss on the Forum]