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What Have We Been Playing This Week….

October 15, 2007



-Warlords (Arcade)
-Halo 3 (360)
-Pac-Man CE (360)
-Quake 1 (PC)
-Jill of the Jungle (PC)

and The Act soon!

Twisted Supreme

-Animal Crossing (DS)
-Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
-Tetris (DS)
-Super Tennis (SNES)
-Bomberman (SNES)

LightSpace Features New Pricing, More Games

October 15, 2007


I can’t believe that I overlooked this as I have been quite interested in the idea of LightSpace in the arcade, I have even talked with the company about purchasing one. There is a press release from September 27th from LightSpace Corp., discussing new pricing and new software for the platform that was demonstrated at the Fun Expo a couple of weeks ago. While we don’t know any details about the games nor the new price point, this news should make it a little more attractive for operators to take a look at it.

LightSpace has also added on some new people to their team, including Anthony Maniscalco who has worked for both Sega Amusements USA and GlobalVR, bringing a good level of experience to the company.  It should be interesting to see what in-roads LightSpace will make in the coin-op industry.

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The Act Conversion Kit purchased!

October 15, 2007


Recently we mentioned that Cecropia, makers of the coin-op title called The Act had cancelled that game for the arcade market. I was pleased to find out however that a number of kits were produced and they have been selling them off on eBay. After some bidding I am now the proud owner of a conversion kit for The Act, which kit I will certainly put to good use in my arcade so many others can play it. I’m not sure how many kits they have left, but there aren’t many as several kits were sold off to the Cecropia staff so there are only a few left of what is a rare game already. I know there are going to be more auctions on eBay, so keep an eye on that if you’re interested in this game.

I will definently be posting some pictures and impressions once I receive the kit. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do for a cabinet – I don’t have my hands on any generic cabinets at the moment, perhaps I’ll have to keep an eye out for one in great condition or build my own. That should be a fun experience. 🙂

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London Show Scoops Another Award

October 15, 2007


Big congratulations from Arcade Heroes to everyone involved in the exhibition, I have to agree that it’s a hell of an achievement to beat the likes of the BBC and Microsoft.

[via Coin-Op News]

Just months after being named the Association of Exhibition Organisers’ ‘Trade Show of the Year’, ATEI, ICE and ICEi have scooped a second prestigious accolade.

The exhibitions, collectively known as the ‘London Show’, were presented with the Silver Award in the 2007 Event Awards Best Business Exhibition category at an awards ceremony, which took place at London’s Natural History Museum in September.

Clarion took the rostrum alongside winner Internet World 2007 and third-placed security show, IFSEC. Karen Cooke, head of exhibitions at show organisers Clarion, enthused: “That the London Shows have been named the second best business exhibition in the UK is testimony to the magnificent efforts made by everyone connected to the event.

Clarion, Earls Court and, indeed, the exhibitors and visitors to the London Shows, who join us from well over 100 countries, have each played a part in an event which continues to show the gaming community in the strongest, most positive and progressive light.

I would like to congratulate the winner, The Internet Show. It is no mean achievement to come second to an event which includes the likes of the Microsoft, Vodafone, BBC, O2, Porsche, Google, IKEA, Yahoo and Channel 4 amongst its impressive roster.”

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London Preview Flashback – 2004

October 15, 2007



[Thanks to The Stinger Report and via Insert Credit]

This articles makes for good reading, and as far as I’m concerned you can’t beat a look back in to the past, weather it be 4 or 40 years! In this instance we are going back to the 2004 London Preview. Read on………………..

Arcade Gold at Preview ‘04

Arguably the best and largest showing of new video amusement titles in the UK this year was held at a London Hotel in Hammersmith. The annual two-day event is an exclusive trade only gathering in preparation for the main Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) show in January 2004. The arcade industry is still strong though focusing on tried and trusted genres such as driving/racing, fighting and shooting games. The requirement for vandal-proof cabinets for the new generation of arcades is oftimes at odds with the new technology simulators and high quality force feedback systems employed in the latest games.

The Preview 2004 event included the first European showing of Sega’s ‘Out Run 2’; over three cabinets of the game had made the trip from the respective Japanese and American débuts. The twin sit-down cabinet on the Sega booth received much attention, the normal race – ‘OutRun mode’, ‘heart attack mode’ and ‘time attack mode’ styles a refreshing new aspect to the popular title. The twin network ‘Versus mode’ is another feature new to the classic lines but much appreciated with the promise of four-player simultaneous action. The CHIHIRO board (based on XBox architecture) supplying lush scenery and the promise of unlock cars and levels all add to continuous play and coin drop. The system utilizes the standard Sega twin cabinet configuration for European application used before for Sega Rally II.

The company had along side this the re-release of the water jet-ski game ‘Wave Runner GP’ (first released in 2001) now minus the expensive motion cabinet aimed at a cost cutting market. The player sits astride the seat, holding motorbike style handlebars, and controlling his jet-ski with a throttle control. The game was developed for two player action competing round glorious Naomi hardware.


Edge Arcade Article By The Stinger Report

October 15, 2007


Hit the thumbnails below to check out this great piece by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. Great to see some arcade coverage in a magazine that never has any, but advertises it on the front cover that they do.



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