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Taito DS Paddle Controller

September 24, 2007


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While bringing arcade games to your game console is a lot of fun, it does lack the magic of the original, especially when you’re playing with a tiny screen that’s touch-based rather than button or joystick oriented. Purists who find this depressing will be ecstatic over the Taito DS Paddle Controller, which plugs in to your Nintento DS. The dial isn’t just a dial, but a weighted button, giving the exact original-style kickback and spin factor of the old school arcade firing pin. Now all you have to do is take your DS to the pub, find a dirty corner to stand in (preferably with a sticky floor) and spill someone else’s beer on your buttons to complete the illusion. Or you could just stay home and use it in a nice bath. Either way, it’s only available in Japan.

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The Painstation

September 24, 2007

As crazy as this game sounds, I think after a few beers, this game could be very popular. Apparently this game has been about for a while, but I have never seen one. Read on…..

The Painstation

The concept is simple. Two players eyeball each other over a table console. The left-hand is positioned on a sensor field — otherwise know as a PEU, or Pain Execution Unit. When both players have made this electric contact, the game, and the real fun, commences.

The game itself is based on the first-generation PC game known as Pong, or bar tennis, and is followed by both players through a graphics display in the center of the table. The player’s right hand controls the bat, and the object of the game is to keep the ball in play as long as possible.

In the original PC game, missing the ball resulted in nothing worse than a moment’s frustration and perhaps a well-chosen expletive. In this revamped version, missing the ball is not only annoying, it is also very painful.

Randomly arranged along both sides of the playing field are Pain Inflictor Symbols, each representing a different sort of pain. Depending where the ball hits, the player will feel sensations such as heat, punches and electroshocks of varying duration delivered through the PEU.

The game ends only when one of the players decides that the pain is too much to bear and lifts a hand off the PEU. All of which sounds straightforward, but in truth games often continue long past the point where common sense has given way to stubborn machismo.

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Japanese Gamers Vote with Feet

September 24, 2007


News from Arcade Renaissanceweb site team revealed the drastic variances in attendance numbers between the Tokyo Game Show and the Amusement Machine Show the previous week. A 12% rise in attendance at the AM-Show is contrasted by a drop in attendance at TGS; though TGS attracts a much greater number of visitors, a drop in hoped attendance lower than last year, even amongst promises before hand of big expectations. These figures seem to reflect a drop in console game sales in Japan, and increased revenue from amusement business witnessed in financial reports from Sega, Namco, Konami and Taito – against drops in software sales and increased R&D spending to support next-gen platforms.

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What Are We Playing This Week………

September 24, 2007

Now as a lot of you may know, Halo 3’s street date has been broken. However I’ve resisted purchasing it so far because I’m looking forward to picking it up at the midnight launch, hooking up with my mates online and playing through the 4 player co-op campaign together. Hopefully I won’t come across any spoilers before tomorrow night!


-Metroid Prime 3 (Wii)
-Warlords (Arcade)
-Call of Duty 4 Beta (360)

Twisted Supreme

-Just waiting for Halo 3!

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