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Stern Pinball Tournament at the upcoming AMOA 2007 event

September 21, 2007


Details have been announced for the upcoming IFPA-AMOA 2007 Pinball Championship, which is being hosted by Stern Pinball. They competition is open to everyone that attends the AMOA 2007 event and they are giving away some cool prizes (including the awesome documentary Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball, which we reviewed here at AH a little while back). Here are more details about the event from

Every one attending AMOA Expo will be eligible to participate in the tournament to be staged at the Stern booth (#2220). Taking into account the trade show logistics, the International Flipper Pinball Association has created an exciting format for the competition to allow for each entrant to qualify for the ultimate match play. Details for the tournament are as follows:

1st place → Trophy, 50% of the cash pot, autographed & framed Stern Spider-Man translite, Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball DVD, 25 World Pinball Player Rankings points
2nd place → Trophy, 30% of the cash pot, Stern translite, 15 WPPR points
3rd place → Trophy, 20% of the cash pot, Stern translite, 10 WPPR points
4th place → Stern translite, 5 WPPR points
1st place Consolation Bracket→ Trophy, $10 cash, Stern translite (all players that lose in the first round of match play will be eligible to play in the Consolation Bracket)
All Other Participants → World Pinball Player Rankings Points & Other Stern goodies
Schedule of Events
Thursday, September 27th, 10am-5pm → QUALIFYING
Friday, September 28th, 10am-11am → LAST CHANCE QUALIFYING
Friday, September 28th, 11am-5pm → MATCH PLAY
Saturday, September 29th, 10am-2pm → FINAL ROUNDS & AWARDS
Competitors enter the tournament by playing two games. For those qualifying on Thursday, their highest score of two games played becomes the qualifying score. Players joining in the competition on Friday will play a single game to determine their qualifying score. Entry fee into the tournament is $10 per player, with the funds going towards the prize pool.
When Qualifying is over, players will then be seeded into an elimination bracket based on their individual scores. Head-to-head Match Play than begins, similar to the NCAA’s ‘March Madness’ brackets in a best 2-out-of-3 single elimination tournament.

Split-Flipper Team Tournament
Throughout the weekend, the IFPA will also be staging a split-flipper high score team tournament. One player takes the left flipper while their partner takes the right flipper. Entry to play is $1 per player per game. Highest score at the end of the weekend wins this special event!!

AMOA 2007 sounds like it’s going to be an awful lot of fun. 🙂

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Heartland Pinball and Arcade Supershow this weekend

September 21, 2007


If you live anywhere near southern Illinois(Herrin to be exact), then this is for you. This weekend the Heartland Pinball and Arcade Supershow returns to the Herrin Civic Center for the thirdpinsuper2.jpg year in a row. They will feature over 80 pinball games as well as a number of classic arcade titles available to play to all. They also will hold a competition known as the “Showdown and Sundown”.

Here’s some other details:

The Supershow will run 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. on Friday, and continues at 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Saturday.

A free kids pinball tournament for children 5 and under will take place at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Tickets are $10 per day for adults, $5 per day for youth ages 6 to 12. Kids 5 and under attend free with paying adult.

I just hope that one day one of these events will happen where I live in Utah. Of course, I may just have to organize one myself.

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