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My latest arcade purchase – Warlords Cocktail cabinet

September 7, 2007


Well I have just bought my first game using funds for my arcade and it’s not a new game, in fact it’s older than I am (by a year or so) – Warlords (Cocktail version) by Atari. For me its a personal ‘holy grail’, a game that I have been wanting for a long time now. It’s also the most expensive game I have bought so far, $1000 for the machine, then almost $500 for shipping. It should be at my place by the 21st and Iwar2.jpg definently will have a place for this at my arcade (plan on seeing some Warlords tournaments if you ever stop by) as it’s an excellent game, perhaps the best  classic multiplayer game there is. The pictures I’ve posted are from the seller, I’ll probably take more once I receive the machine.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pinball from Stern

September 7, 2007



Stern’s latest pinball endeavor focuses on Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of the most popular Nascar drivers today. Designed by Pat Lawlor’s team, this pin will have a unique design where it features a racetrack on the pin table that by using magnets it will allow the pinball to race around the track.  The table also features a truck hauler that will launch the ball and a toy car representing Dale’s own car that the player can hit with the ball for points. It appears that Stern is making this a limited edition pin, only producing 600 of them.  It’s too bad that it will be so limited which means that finding one will be difficult but for Nascar fans that love pinball that probably won’t matter.  Personally I’m interested in seeing how the magnetic race track will work.

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Sega News Follow-Up

September 7, 2007


[via Inter Play]

“Video games on show at the distributor day included Primeval Hunt, a two-player dinosaur hunt and shooting game, Shoot This Win This, which will be showcased at UK show Preview, Let’s Go Jungle Special, an adaptation of the original game, and Race TV, which will launch at ATEI 2008.”

I am presuming that Primeval Hunt is the Anchient Dinosaur Hunting which was mention in my last post. Following this up I typed in a search for Primeval Hunt and found this from two months ago……………..


“A new filing at the US Patent Office reveals a possible new game from SEGA.

It’s been discovered that SEGA has filed a trademark for the name ‘Primeval Hunt’ with the US Patent Office. With no further details to go on this leaves plenty of room for imaginative game ideas.

The ‘Primeval’ part of the title suggests something featuring beasties from the earliest age in human evolution which, given the second part of the title, players will find themselves hunting. Given SEGA’s light-gun heritage, perhaps a new arcade shooter is in development.”

Good prediction there Pro-G, also I will look forward to seeing what “Shoot This Win This” is. Roll on the Preview!

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