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September 6, 2007


This is officially the best day so far for the Arcade Heroes. Justin Burke, the Marketing and Promotions Manager for Sega Amusements Europe got in contact with me today to tell me about thier Distributors Day which they recently held and also to tell me of a few new Sega products to look out for at Preview 2008. Read on…….

“Hi Arcade Heroes

I try my best to look up when I can and thought you might be interested in some of the things we are up to and let you know what we will be launching at our next trade show in October.

Just this week we had our annual Distributors Day where we brief the trade about the products due out in the next year or so. Two key pieces that we will show in October were Race TV, as well as a game currently with a working title of ‘Ancient Dino Hunter’. Both are ‘not your average driving and shooting games’ and have extra features both in the cabinet and game play.

There will be more that we will be able to show at the trade show that is not ready to be talked about yet…but be patient and we’ll let you know! I’ve also attached some photos of the showroom……. 


Justin Burke
Marketing and Promotions Manager”

Well, Race TV we have seen on location test in Japan, but this Dinosaur Hunting game is news to me, can’t wait to find out what it is! Anyone got any ideas?

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Hit the link below to see the pictures