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New Pinball Manufacturer

September 1, 2007


Retro Pinball LLC is a new coin operated pinball manufacturer. The company was formed in March of 2007, and is owned by four partners; Herb Silvers, Gene Goodman, Reinhard Bangerter, and Mike Patz. The idea behind the company is the brain child of Herb, and Reiny.

And thier plan?  To bring classic pinball back to the industry, with all new technology and features that have never been seen in pinball before. In July of 2007 they signed an agreement with Gottlieb Development to remake some of the best Gottlieb titles and they are also planning on designing thier own pinball machines. The first table they are bringing out is Gottlieb’s 1967 King Of Diamonds. 

It’s great to hear of a new pinball manufacturer entering the fray, and I wish them all the best for the future. Who knows, I could be playing one of thier tables at the ATEi if all goes well!

Keep your eyes peeled for thier website that is currently in the works, which will be up and running soon.  Click on the King of Diamonds picture below to enlarge.


[Retro Pinball MySpace Page]    [Discuss on the Forum]

D1GP Website

September 1, 2007


[Via The Stinger Report]

Stinger points out a website for the new Taito racer, D1GP. It’s all in Japanese but there are a couple of interesting things you can see. One this game uses the older Taito Type X hardware as opposed to X+ or X2. 2nd this is the first use of 2D mobile phone barcodes in Taito’s advertising.  Hopefully there will be some more updates about the game soon.

[D1GP Website] [Discuss on the Forum]