20 Difficult games by Gamasutra – a few arcades mentioned


[Via Joystiq]

Arcade games are supposed to be hard. That is just something we all understand, accept and like as arcade gamers. They test your skills, endurance and will-power but hard games also don’t bode too well with mainstream gamers, who either avoid hard games or buy strategy guides when they buy the game and just use it as a walkthrough.

Gamasutra has an intersting article up discussing game design and difficult games. Among the batch they mention Defender & Stargate, Sinistar, Solomon’s Key, Tower of Druaga, Super Monkey Ball (yes there was an arcade version although not many people know about it), Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert and even the arcade version of Lode Runner. Ninja Gaiden is mentioned although it pictures the NES version (people always seem to ignore the arcade version in favor of the NES version for some reason). It does mention several console or PC games naturally and one nice thing is this isn’t one of those ‘of all time’ lists that seems to claim that it’s the end all discussion of what the hardest games are. Of course there are harder games out there to find such as Cannon Fodder, Zero 5 (Atari Jaguar), Cybercon 3 (ok, none of these are arcade titles) but since it’s just looking at a few hard games, I have no room to complain. I totally agree with Sinistar – very difficult game but I love it anyways for some reason. Toobin’ is also briefly mentioned although it doesn’t have it’s own entry (I hated that game BTW). Hit the link below to check the article out or talk about hard games that you either love or hate in our forum.   

[Gamasutra: 20 Difficult Games] [Discuss on the Forum – Difficult games you love or hate]

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