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Mid-Atlantic Coin Op Show 2007

August 25, 2007


If anything is an indication of the popularity of arcades being on an upswing, it should be the amount of arcade shows that are occurring this year. There was the Funspot tournament, California Extreme, the Classic Gaming Expo and a few others. Now I stumbled across another event that is going to take place in Timonium Maryland, September 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Here are a few details from the official website below:

Welcome to the first annual Mid Atlantic Coin Op Show!

Located at the 4H-FFA building, the Mid Atlantic Coin OP Show (MACOS) contains fun and information for all ages!  With over 25,000 sq feet of space and just fewer than 100 vendors, MACOS will have pinball and arcade machines for play or purchase, neons, pool tables, game parts for the enthusiast, Jukeboxes, and so much more.  Admission is $15 for adults, kids 6 to 12 are $5 (under 6 are free)!  Weekend pass is $25 per adult, $10 per kid 6-12.  We will be giving out door prizes and other items with paid admission.  Plenty for the kids and adults to enjoy!  See you in September!

The only problem with all of these events is either I live too far away or I can’t spare the time and money due to other stuff in life. I’m just going to have to plan ahead for one of these events next year…anyways go ahead and check out the website below, if you live in the area it will probably be a good event to check out and they are giving away a MS. Pac-Man cabinet.

[Mid Atlantic Coin Op Show 2007 Website] [Discuss on the Forum]