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Cardboard MiniArcades for your PSP

August 15, 2007


[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report]

If you own a PSP and have wanted to turn it into an arcade cabinet, then here is your chance, I suppose. “SUCK UK” has created two cardboard cutouts that wrap around your PSP to make it look sort of like a mini arcade machine. One cabinet is Dirt Track Rally and the other is Cosmic Intruders. These reminds me very much of some paper arcade cutouts that I once found and printed out (they all sit at my desk at work and always earn praise from people who haven’t seen such things before) I just am not sure how they might work out wrapped around a PSP like this. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a portable arcade right? 🙂

[SUCK UK’s PSP Arcade Cardboard Mini Arcades] [Discuss on the Forum]

New Press Start Arcade Location Videos

August 15, 2007

For those you out there that like to see arcades from around the world, here’s two new videos from PressStartComic of two more arcade locations.

8 on the Break

Flashbacks at Seaside Heights NJ

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Over 1,700 Arcade Game Manuals

August 15, 2007


Wow! Now this is a truly amazing resource, thanks to Kotaku for pointing this out.

[ASCII by Jason Scott via]

[Over 1,700 Arcade Game Manuals]     [Discuss on the Forum]

gamesTM Review of Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

August 15, 2007


Click on the thumbnail to check out gamesTM’s latest arcade review. Always great to see arcades getting a bit of coverage in gaming magazines.

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