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Galaxy Force Super Deluxe Up For Grabs

August 9, 2007

For all you collecters out there’ heres a pretty good chance to get your hands on an arcade treasure (fingers crossed no ones snagged it yet), thanks to Sara for the tip…….

“Someone on the R.G.V.A.M newsgroup posted a message saying that they are going to scrap a Galaxy Force Super Deluxe machine if someone doesn’t come and take it. As far as I know the machine doesn’t have any takers yet and the post has been up for a few days. The machine is located in Oregon. This is a very rare machine, I only know of one operating in Canada at this point (I can’t think of an arcade in the USA that has one), please help, I would really hate to see this machine go to the scrapper. Here is the person’s contact info from the newsgroup.

TheGameWorks c/oBrian Houck Phone 1-541-883-2761

or E-mail thegameworks@yahoo.”

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