Barcade NASCAR Review

For those of you, like me, who eager for more NASCAR info then read this excellent review via Barcade

By: Julie Kaluzinski


EA Sports NASCAR Racing, officially licensed by NASCAR is Global VR’s latest addition to their line-up.

Players choose from 12 of NASCAR’s most popular drivers and race on the most well-known NASCAR tracks. Each race will include 30 different NASCAR drivers and cars. Also, players listen to their pit boss as they zoom around the tracks at speeds of 200 MPH.

The NASCAR game has been designed with computer assisted driving to appeal to the casual players, but it has in depth levels for the seasoned players.

-6 Famous NASCAR tracks-Daytona, Talladega, Lowe’s, Indianapolis, Phoenix and Bristol
-1 Night Time Track
-30 NASCAR Drivers and Cars
-Draft-Boost to Sling-Shoots Your Car Ahead of Your Opponents
-Bumper to Bumper Racing, outmaneuver aggressive opponents into the wall
-Great graphics and crashes
-Halo and Horns dependent on your driving style
-6 Speaker Audio System for Immersive 3 D Sound Effects and Realism

It comes in a standard-32″ LCD, deluxe-42″ LCD, and motion platform-57″ LCD cabinets.

Look for this game in arcades in early September. Happy driving!

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