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Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 Location Test video

August 1, 2007

Here is a video of DDR SuperNova 2 on location test on YouTube. Enjoy!

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for the tip] [Discuss on the Forum]

Silent Hill The Arcade Screenshot blowout, website update

August 1, 2007


[Via Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report]

Silent Hill The Arcade has officially launched in Japan and with it a batch of nice images at Game Watch. Konami has also updated it’s page for the game which includes a wealth of information(in Japanese) These screenshots are considerably nicer than the few stills that Konami released months ago – very clear and detailed but it’s doubtful that it will sway the hardened Silent Hill fans that have already declared that the game is outside of normal SH canon and that it sucks (despite the fact that they have not played the game). Here are the screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

sh03.jpg sh04.jpg sh05.jpg sh06.jpg sh07.jpg sh08.jpg sh09.jpg sh10.jpg sh11.jpg sh12.jpg sh13.jpg sh14.jpg sh15.jpg sh16.jpg sh17.jpg

[Official Silent Hill The Arcade Website]

[Silent Hill The Arcade @ Game Watch] [Discuss on the Forum]