Arcades at the latest Classic Gaming Expo 2007


(Photo Credit: Cyro of CyberRoach)

The latest Classic Gaming Expo has come and gone and with it collections of pictures from some of the attendees of the event. While the focal point of CGE is gaming consoles, that didn’t stop people from brining their classic arcades to the event and as such there were around 50 classics there for people to play for free. They even had a Warlords Cocktail cabinet there – a personal holy grail for myself that I would like to have for my personal collection one day. Beyond really cool classic arcades, they had a variety of interesting and unique classic gaming systems and games there – I even saw an Atari Cosmos in one of the pictures (they are super-rare and super valuable – it was supposed to be some sort of game system to use holograms) and a Vectrex. Hit the links below to check the pictures out.

[CGE 2007 photos @]

[CGE 2007 photo slideshow by KLOV user Parrothead]

[Cyberroach CGE live blog w/ pics]

[Discuss on the Forum]

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3 Comments on “Arcades at the latest Classic Gaming Expo 2007”

  1. CyRo Says:

    Hi Shaggy, thanks for putting a link to my blog up! Since you also took the picture from my blog how about a brief mentioning of that. aka credit? Thx! -CyRo

  2. Shaggy Says:

    OK fixed, I didn’t catch your name when I took a look there, sorry about that.

  3. CyRo Says:

    Awesome – thanks Shaggy!

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