The Stinger Report – UK Distributors at Open-Day Meetings


The latest Stinger Report covers the gatherings of UK amusement distributors at recent events such as the Park Avenue Open-Day and BAR.07, both held in London.  A number of popular games were available, including most of Incredible Technologies offerings (minus Golden Tee LIVE 2008). Surprisingly IT brought along the European version of ‘Target Toss Pro: Bags’ which has been renamed simply to ‘BAGS’ for the aforementioned market. They also demonstrated the modified European version of ‘Silver Strike 2007 Bowler’s Club’ which includes a Tournament feature and the same distributor for IT products, Electrocoin also demonstrated the first production upright units for ‘Chase HQ 2’.

Among other news in the Stinger Report for today, they also report that Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade Championship’ is running into some trouble. A direct quote from The Stinger Report:

However TSR has learned that licensing issues regarding the soccer teams and players represented in the amusement version has meant that plans to release the arcade version has been suspended for an undefined period meaning no deployment of the e-AMUSEMENT system in the UK – this could mean that it will miss a 2007 release window – TSR awaits a official statement on the arcade game’s status.

Hopefully Konami can sort those issues out before the end of the year.

[Thanks to Kevin Williams and The Stinger Report] [Discuss on the Forum]

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