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Sega developing Super Hang-On 2?

July 4, 2007


With the recent flurry of motorcycle games hitting the arcade market it is not surprising to learn a rumor that Sega is working on a sequel to their original hit Super Hang-On. This will be powered by the Lindbergh platform with no word on a possible release date. Logically the cabinet will use a motorcycle control base, much like Raw Thrills’ recent SuperBikes and Namco’s upcoming MotoGP. It is interesting to see sources outside of Japan possibly influencing arcade game development for a change, but we’ll see how this turns out. With Lindbergh running the game it most likely will boast the best graphics of the three motorcycle games (I’ll admit it, I wasn’t that impressed with Super Bike’s graphics – it played great at least despite looking like an average PS2 game!).

Keep in mind that this is a rumor and The Stinger Report is looking into the validity of the leak.

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Image of the new King Of Fighters MI Reg A cabinet

July 4, 2007

Thanks to our Kevin Williams, I treat you to an image of the new cabinet that will be used by the upcoming King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A title. If I am not mistaken this is the same cabinet that Taito is using for another fighter called Battle Fantasia and we already know that BF is an HD title so the same may be true for KOFMIA although from the picture below you may notice that the game is presented in the standard 4:3 full screen ratio as opposed to 16:9 widescreen. The KOFMIA cab is on the bottom, the top cabs are Tekken 6 units which you may have seen already.


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