More King Of Fighters MIA videos

Two new videos are available through the official KOFMIA site this time showcasing a fight between Ninon and B. Jenet and between Mignon and a character whose name I can’t read as the video is compressed too much. I admit that I’m not up to speed on all of my King Of Fighters characters nor games (although I do own KOF ’98 which is an excellent game) but you’ll be able to see who it is for yourself.

One thing that these videos show is that KOFMIA seems to be taking a page from DOA as far as the ladies go. I’m not sure if that is common with the other 3D KOF games but it’s pretty obvious in these videos as they contain a little bit of ‘bouncing’ in them. I suppose it always had that with Mai though…

[Official KOFMIA site] [Discuss on the forum]

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