California Extreme Games Show wants your input


The Extreme Team announced today some extra details about their upcoming event (for the uninitiated, CA Extreme is an event where arcade gamers get together to game primarily on coin-op machines).

Here’s the rundown of the announcement:

-They want input on the speakers and seminars for two new events that will premier at the show this year.

-The two events are SuperTech Summit and Docent Tours (also known as Birds on a Feather Groups) The first will be a seminar event where technicians will get together to share information and tricks of the trade of working on and repairing coin-op games. The second will provide tours around the show that will showcase specific types of games, such as vector games.

-The California Extreme Film Festival should have some interesting arcade related films to show off at the show.

-The Arcade Trivia Challenge Contest. Test your knowledge and win prizes!

Read the whole press release after the post break or if you wish to contact CA Extreme with your nominations, visit their website on the link below.

[California Extreme Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

California Extreme is assembling our speaker and seminar lineup for this year and we would like to ask you, the show goers, to nominate people for two new events we plan to add this year. The show grows out of community involvement, so here’s a new way to participate. (If you have other things you would like to be involved with during the show, please let us know! The show is intended to be open for the community to add what they would like – speakers, seminars, contests, whatever!)

The first addition this year is the SuperTech Summit. This seminar is intended to be a place for people who have spent a lot of time repairing arcade machines to share the “tricks of the trade” they have picked up or thought up with other technically inclined people. The session will be open for everyone to listen and ask questions, but we envision a panel of Super Techs who will discuss tips, tricks, and tools that they feel other techs should know about, but probably don’t. CA Extreme will be a unique opportunity for a large group of savvy, experienced arcade techs to discuss a range of topics. We have a couple of staff members who will be trying to keep up with the likes of tech legends Chris Kuntz of T Minus One, Pete Cooley the EM expert, and Zonn “Zektor” Moore. Do you know a super tech who would like to share some wisdom with the public? Are you one yourself? Let us know!

The second event we want to expand into is Docent Tours, also known as Birds of a Feather or BOAF groups. If you have an area of interest (for example, Vector X-Y games or woodrail artwork) and would like to lead people on a tour of the show floor and discuss the topic, consider signing up. We’ll try to organize groups with common interests and set up times for tours, arrange for specific machines to be available, etc. Nominate an expert or volunteer yourself and have some fun with others who share your interest!

This is your chance to participate. Please send all nominations to It would be most helpful if you include contact information for the nominee so we can contact them directly. While we can’t guarantee everyone will be chosen, we will give your nominee a good look.

Other events:

– will be here the same weekend in the other side of the hall – right next door.

– The California Extreme Film Festival is shaping up and will be a great new addition to the show. If you have a film you would like us to include, please let us know.

– New this year – the Arcade Trivia Challenge contest! Come and test your arcade knowledge and win prizes!

TicketWeb is now open at and the flyer is on the website at Register now! More information about the show can be found at

More details later – it looks to be a great show!

The Extreme Team

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