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Pokémon Battrio arcade site open

June 24, 2007

Here’s something for the Pokéman fans out there – the official website for the newpokecab.jpg Pokémon arcade game is out with details – all in Japanese. Unless you understand Japanese (too bad I only took a year of it in High School) there isn’t much you’ll get out of it even with a translator program but you might find it interesting if arcades and Pokémon happen to be on your list of things to like. There is no information if this will see a release outside of Japan so count it as not likely.

[Pokémon Battroid Arcade Official Website][Discuss on the Forum]


Silver Strike Bowling Is Back

June 24, 2007

Not exactly news that many of you will care about, but my local O’Neils has just got a SSB back in to thier bar. It was almost 6 months that it was taken away from me and my friends, but they have seen sense and brought it back to us. Happy days! You’ll be pleased to know my first three games I scored 176, 211, and 203. That was probably my best three game series ever and now I own the leaderboard (for now).

Buck That! Winner

June 24, 2007


[via Barcade]

Last nights the finalists for MTVs Buck That! Contest met up for a Big Buck Hunter Pro Showdown to find out who is the #1 gunslinger of the game.  
It was a packed house at The Black Bear Lodge where the competition was held and the natives were restless.  
The grand prize of a Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade game of their very own and bragging rights went to Casey Hansen-it must have been his jumpsuit that gave him that extra bit of luck to push him to the #1 spot. Casey was so excited about the prize that he won that he plans on being buried with the machine.  
Congratulations Casey!

Dragon Quest Battle Road Trailer and Raiden IV location test video

June 24, 2007

Sorry, this weekend there isn’t any arcade news so it’s obviously a little slow. In the meantime, here is a video preview of the new Dragon Quest game in Japan – don’t expect to see it overseas but it’s an arcade game nevertheless. ON top of that I’ll throw in a Raiden IV location test video for good measure. Video credit: Dragon Quest- dylmhb; Raiden IV – Rpgexe

Dragon Quest

Raiden IV

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