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Arcade sales up in Europe

June 21, 2007


From a couple of posts on Coin-Op News, a trend is coming around that shows that coin-op sales are doing very well in Europe. Distributors are seeing great revenues and here’s one indication:

Namco’s flagship video driver, Mario Kart Arcade GP2 continues to shine having proved extremely popular at this year’s ATEI, selling out its initial production quota by noon of the second day.

Combine that with the headline about Cosmic Video Amusements enjoying a resurgence and you have sales doing well for many coin-op distributors. As always better sales = stronger industry = more games down the road. It hopefully will translate into more arcades opening up again, but only time will tell if that may happen.

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Kevin Williams: Arcade Guru

June 21, 2007 has an interview up with one of our good partners, Kevin Williams. Tkevinwilli244000l.jpghe interview talks about the state of the arcade industry as well as a few other arcade-related items. I think one of the best points made is that the arcade industry is on an upswing at the moment and is far from dead as public perception may say.

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Oriental Legend 2 videos

June 21, 2007


Arcade Renaissance has posted three videos from DailyMotion about the upcoming IGS game Oriental Legend 2. In case you missed my post a little while back about IGS, OL2 is a beat ’em up in 2D and it looks like a ton of fun if these videos are any indication. These videos show actual gameplay and are not a demo like what you might have seen on the official OL2 website. Beat ’em ups aren’t totally dead!

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