News from Namco Bandai AC – Tekken 6, MotoGP shown

Some news is slowly trickling out of Namco Bandai Games today about games that will hit the arcades sometime this year. Expect this post to update as we find more out.

Thanks to Kevin Williams and AM-NET for the information.

First off is a new title, MotoGP AC (Click to enlarge)


I wonder if this is in response to Raw Thrill’s Super Bikes or not? Either way it’s been a while since Namco put out a motorcycle racing game in arcades and the interesting news about this is that it apparently is only for sale outside of Japan, which is an unusual move for Namco.

Tekken 6 being exhibited!


This is pretty self-explanatory. You can see the cabinet to the right that has a large 42″ monitor that shows the match to the entire crowd. It also looks like the control panel for the game itself is mroe detailed than in the picture posted yesterday. It’s interesting how fighter games are gravitating towards giving each player their own screen. I think it would be more interesting if the cabinet were setup like one of these old competition cabs, and I’m sure the operators can set it up that way if they wish.

Wangan Midnight 3 was also shown off at the event but so far I have not received any pictures of it other than a tiny thumbnail. The cabinet looks just like the Mario Kart Arcade cab, but it is painted red and black instead of red and blue.

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stringer Report]

[Thanks to AM-NET.JP]

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