Location Review – Time City – Somewhere In Rome



While I was over in Rome for the weekend I found out about this Arcade that was about 15 minutes from the airport. It looked fairly new and had a good selection of new games with a couple of semi-ish old ones to boot.

The older machines there were King of Route 66, the deluxe version, which is great fun to play with a mate because they can ride shotgun and honk the horn, do the boosts and wipe the windows. It may sound lame, but I think it’s a neat feature. The other older game was Club Karts Deluxe which is a very different racing game compared to your Outruns and Fast and the Furious’.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this arcade had two pinball tables, Sopranos and another which I fail to remember the name of. I took full advantage of this rare opportunity and spent most of my money on these two tables. Loved it and reminded me of how much I miss playing pinball tables.

Some of the newer games available to play were Ghost Squad, which is one of my favourite shooters, and Outrun 2 SP which for me is one racing I always come back to. Also at this site were about a dozen cranes, a whole bunch of pushers and redemption pieces, as well as pool tables, a bowling alley and about ten PhotoPlay’s which I understand are a lot bigger over in the rest of Europe.

Overall this arcade was a great find, all but one machine was operational, and everything was nicely space out and not crammed in like other arcades I’ve been to. I highly recommend it if you ever happen to be in Rome.

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Almost forgot, there was a row of Niomi rip off cabs that had the following games;


Tekken 3, Virtua Sticker 2, Metal Slug 4, Beach Spikers and a Retro Collection that include classics like Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders

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