Location Review – Heathrow Airport Teminal 2 – Game Grid


Now there’s nothing better than finding some old, not necessarily Pac-Man or DK old, arcade games tucked away were you least expect to find them. Well that’s precisely what happened to me. It’s just a shame some of the machines were busted. Still  I can’t complain, I got to play one game I had never come across before, Jambo Safari, which was pretty cool and a very old favourite, Scud Race, who many may argues is not the best arcade racer, but for me brings back good memories. Other delights in this arcade, that seemed to be stuck in 1997, were Crusin’ USA, Lost World, Terabits and TC2.

Unfortunately there were quite a few machines out of action including Silent Scope, Alpine Racer 2 and Vortex V3. Also there was a Pinball table, and if any of you remember I’ve been complaining that I never see them about, so of course it was sods law it was out of order. Don’t feel bad for me though because my reason for being at the airport was because I was on my way to Rome, where I happened to find an arcade that had TWO pinball tables.

This magical adventure will follow shortly.



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