First look at Tekken 6’s arcade cabinet


(Click on the image above to see it full-res)

Thanks to Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report we have obtained an image of the Tekken 6 cabinet. Anyone notice any similarties to another certain fighting game released by Sega in Japan? VF5 anyone?

I’m happy to see them pointing out that this is a game displayed in HD. It’s only 720p but that’s OK. It’s obvious that it should be considering that it is powered by a Playstation 3 but it’s sad to say that there are still new arcade games coming out today that aren’t in HD and personally I feel that the arcades should have been pushing HD before any game console did. Staying ahead of the curve is what arcade should be about. It will ‘only’ run for $36,000 and should be released in Nov. 2007.

(Thanks again to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report)

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