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Virtua Tennis 3 Review

June 13, 2007

Following up on the reviews from Barcade, here’s one more for you and this one is on Virtua Tennis 3. I do have this game on the 360, but it’s not the same as the arcade version. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve done a good job on converting it, it’s just missing that real arcade feel to it. Hit the link to read the review.

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Initial D4 Special to be released by Sega

June 13, 2007


It seems that Sega is all over the idea of special attraction games. After House of the Dead 4, Outrun 2 SPX and Let’s Go Jungle Special here comes Initial D4 Special. There are few details on this at the moment but from the graphic above it appears that it could be bigger and badder than Outrun 2 SPX. Like always this is only something you’ll probably find at a big amusement park but it should provide some good fun to anyone who comes across it.

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stringer Report for the tip]

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Still working on those coin-op PR plans…

June 13, 2007


In the latest issue of the Stringer Report by Kevin Williams (#565) it discusses further the work that the AAMA and AMOA is undertaking to promote the coin-op industry as a whole. The AMOA had developed a web-based slideshow game called 88SLIDE and the AAMA has hired a PR firm called The Bohle Co. to best determine how to reach the home gaming audience. Some talk is being directed at putting ads and small articles into non-industry magazines as well as mainstream gaming magazines in the hopes of convincing the masses to head out to the arcade..

My thoughts? This comes as a time that normal gaming publications are dwindling in popularity thanks to this little thing called the internet. Honestly I have been amazed at how much the coin-op industry has downplayed the importance and usefulness of the internet. None of my local arcades have a website that is worth visiting, between us and a few other blogs finding anything that brings some good attention to new arcade games is rare. The industry should consider working with arcade game makers about actually getting more about their games out there. The key is showing off the games. People won’t want to get off the couch and go to the arcade if they don’t know about the hot arcade titles out there. And it’s not like there aren’t any resources that are already in place to help out with this. Gamers love watching video previews of games and good luck finding such videos of upcoming arcade titles! Minus the occasional blurry video that shows up on Youtube, the only time anyone sees anything about a game is when they happen to go to the arcade on their own will. You have to help convince them to go out in the first place! They should make some good game previews and get them up on popular sites like like, as well as Youtube. It also wouldn’t hurt if more manufacturers would put videos and more screenshots on their own sites instead of flyers with miniscule, blurry thumbnails. Maybe find a way to put up arcade game previews on things like the Xbox Live Marketplace. Videos and screens create hype, and hype will lead to interest and people wanting to go out to the arcade. I’m a gamer and that always works for me. If I can see a game in action beforehand, I’m far more interested in going out and finding more about it than just waiting for the word of mouth to get to me.

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Need more arcades?

June 13, 2007


If you live in the area of Issaquah Washington then news of this auction might be up your alley. An arcade in that area has recently closed and is auctioning off their items. I hate to see another arcade close but there is quite a good collection of games and other arcade related things to look over. This is the first time I’ve seen cabinets for The Grid before (Which was one of Midway’s last arcade titles) The auction will be happening on June 26th and possibly on the 27th if there is anything left after the first day of the auction.

[Illusionz Auction at MurphyAuctions]

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