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Incredible Technologies Inc. to Take New Approach to Game Development

June 12, 2007


According to, Incredbile Technologies (the guys who brought us Golden Tee golf) recently held their 6th annual operators summit and there they talked about the successes they’ve had as well as their plans for the future. As you have probably heard many times in the console industry, they are always seeking out that mighty casual gamer audience by providing simple but fun games to play, such as their recent Silver Strike Bowling or Target Toss Bags Pro.

Funny, that sounds an awful lot like what Nolan Bushnell, the founder of the old arcade giant Atari used to say all the time many years ago: “Keep the games easy to learn yet difficult to master”. One also might wonder if they have been influenced by the Nintendo Wii at all.

IT also announced cheaper GT Live kits at $400 so it would be easier for any operator with a GT cab to upgrade without feeling much of a pinch on the wallet.  Operators that attended to event were able to discuss many topics with IT about the industry and they could even talk to IT game developers.

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Location Review: Chessington World of Adventures

June 12, 2007

Me and some of buddies headed down to one of the theme parks in our area, Chessington World of Adventures, so I  thought I’d check out thier arcade in between going o all the rides, which are pretty tame as the go. The other theme park in our area is Thorpe Park, which is easily 10 time better. Anyway, enough with the theme park bashing, let’s get to the good stuff…. the arcade!

Most of the video games were tucked away next to one of the parks big rides which is also right next to the fast food outlets, so not bad positioning. However, every time I made a visit to the arcade it was pretty dead. I guess it was a nice day and people are more likely to be enjoying the whether and the rides rather than spending thier time in the indoor arcade. Not that I’m complaining, it meant I had the choice of playing whatever game I wanted and not have to queue up. The place had a good selection of games from Fast and the Furious to Mario Kart GP 2 and Let’s Go Jungle to Big Buck Hunt Pro, all of them were in good working order and  in good condition, maybe that’s because they don’t get played as much as they would do if they were in a regular arcade?