Soviet-Era Arcade Games Crawl Out of Their Cold War Graves

[via Wired]

Alexander Stakhanov (left) and Alexander Vucman stand with the digital host of Magistral, one of the first games they repaired.
Photo: Alexander Zaitchik

MOSCOW — If American teenagers during the Cold War ever stopped to consider how their Eastern bloc counterparts spent the weekend, they probably imagined dreary groups of Red Youth robotically singing hymns to Soviet wheat production and discussing the glories of socialist brotherhood from Hanoi to Havana.

They likely would have been surprised to know that in movie theaters, train stations and recreation centers across the U.S.S.R., packs of Soviet youth huddled around upright video games with coins lined up along the edge of the screen, same as at any mall in Jersey.

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One Comment on “Soviet-Era Arcade Games Crawl Out of Their Cold War Graves”

  1. Todd Fletcher Says:

    Alexander Vucman?

    I think we call him Vacman here in the states…

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