Ghost Squad Interview With Producer Yosuke Okunari


Did I tell all you guys, how much I’m looking forward to this coming out on the Wii, no? Well after Halo 3, GTA4 and Mario Galaxy as my most anticipated games, comes Ghost Squad. As long as they get the controls spot on then I’m going to be happy. This is going to save me a lot of pound coins! Read on for an interview with the games Producer Yosuke Okunari via IGN.

“US, June 5, 2007– Sega of America recently revealed that it was underway with a Wii version of Ghost Squad, an arcade-based light-gun shooter refitted for Nintendo’s new remote. Players become a member of an elite squad sent out to take down terrorists. The action unfolds on rails and gamers need only point and shoot with the Wii remote to eliminate the bad guys. We caught up with the title’s creative producer, Yosuke Okunari, to chat about the game. We’ve included his thoughts along with fresh new Wii screenshots below.”

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