Videos of Funspot 2007

About 2 weeks ago we mentioned the Funspot 2007 event and it has come and passed. In case you were unable to attend the event (like myself), someone was nice enough to record some footage from the event and post it on youtube. This place really is one of the most amazing arcades I’ve ever seen, so many classics and other great stuff. There are quite a few videos here so I will post one here and the rest after the break. Videos by youtube user PressStartComic, website is

Friday Night:

Saturday Night 

Sunday Night:

OutRun Deluxe

Todd Rogers at Funspot

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2 Comments on “Videos of Funspot 2007”

  1. MoonJump Says:

    Hey folks! This is Nick from the videos. Glad to see you guys enjoyed the videos. I’m sorry for the poor quality of them because my camera is older and I’m just glad I can post them up to YouTube in the first place.

    Feel free to visit my website at for comics about FunSpot, pictures I took and another seven minute long video tour of the arcade that was too big for YouTube.

  2. Shaggy Says:

    Cool Nick, thanks for dropping by and thanks for making those videos! I wish I could have made it there – maybe next year if things work out for me.

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