Tekken 6 news and a whole lot of screens


Tekken 6 is certainly one of the more anticipated titles to be headed to arcades this year and a Japanese blog has posted a bunch of screenshots of the game and of some it’s new characters such as Miguel. Also the game is going to be at a private show being hosted by Namco in Japan on the 19th of this month, so be on the look for some news around then. In the mean time, enjoy the collection of new screenshots thanks to the aforementioned blog in Japanese. Just keep in mind, I tried opening up most of the pics in Firefox and IE and it makes you download a program to which you then can open it up in a browser to see the pic. It’s a pain in the neck but I did it all for you so you don’t have to.

[Link to Gemaga blog in Japanese with TK6 screens]

[Second link to same blog with other pics]

[Discuss on the Forum]

(Click on the thumbnails below to expand them)

tk6a.jpg tk622.jpgtk6m.jpgtk6n.jpgtk6o.jpgtk66.jpgzahu.jpgrheo2.jpgtk6e.jpgtk6c.jpgtk6f.jpgtk61.jpgtk62.jpgtk6h.jpgtk6j.jpgtk6k.jpgtk6l.jpgtk63.jpgtk64.jpgtk65.jpgtk6a1.jpgtk67.jpgtk68.jpgtk69.jpgtk610.jpgtk611.jpgtk612.jpgtk613.jpgtk614.jpgtk615.jpgtk616.jpgtk617.jpgtk618.jpgtk619.jpgtk620.jpgtk621.jpg

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