Pac-Man creator retires

I feel bad for overlooking this yesterday because this is a pretty significant event. The creator of Pac-Man Toru Iwantani, retired yesterday and as you may already know, hislego-pac-man.jpg final game was bringing Pac-Man (Championship Edition) to XBLA. Pac-Man of course is one of the most recognized video game icons in history and it was Pac-Man that helped launch arcades to a level of popularity they haven’t seen since. It would have been cool if the game would have been released as an arcade game only but that’s my arcade fanboy side talking there and it coming to XBLA is fine. Either way, we’re eternally grateful for what Toru has done for the industry and we wish him well. Head on over to Kotaku to catch an emotional video of his retirement.

[Pac-Man Creator Retires w/ video @ Kotaku]

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One Comment on “Pac-Man creator retires”

  1. MEG Says:

    i love pac man its awsome!!!!

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