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Following up on the retirement of Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani, heres a video of the new Pac-Man Championship Edition, that was just released on XBLA. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised, this has to be one of the first retro remakes for a while that actually looks really good fun to play. Also here’s a snippit from Kotaku who were at the championships itself, which Namco and Microsoft just held.

While Ms. Pac-Man is one of those go-to games that I’ll still drop a quarter in today, my dot munching days are pretty much over. However, after seeing the “history making” Pac-Man Championship Edition in motion, I’m totally into this. Pac-Man is seriously back. Did we mention this is going live tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade yet?

[via Kotaku]

Toru Iwatani was moved nearly to tears by the proceedings; it’s clear that Pac-Man really is his “greatest gift to the world,” as terrifyingly ephemeral as that seems. Kudos to Namco for promoting a new edition that keeps the basic formula intact. I was sure that Iwatani’s sending off was going to be used to launch a new platformer version of the game or something equally as inane. Instead he goes into the sunset, leaving behind a game that’s been played over 10 billion times by Namco’s estimations, a game-inspired pop theme song, and a host of licensed and unlicensed merchandise, not the least of which were the glazed doughnuts with M&Ms for eyes I used to eat on the way to school in kindergarten in Bolivar, Missouri. If nothing else, I’ll always be grateful for those, Mr. Iwatani.

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