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Sega Media FTP Site

June 5, 2007


I was doing my usual search through all the arcade manufacturers websites when I stumbled across a neat thing on Sega Europe’s site. They have a Media FTP site for all your image download needs. Hooray, no more searching for rubbish, pixelated images on Google. Now, hopefully, I should be able to find what I want here. Just look at the sexy crisp 2 Spicy logo. Check it out for yourself. Do any other manufacturers provide a similar tool?

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New Games Added @ Highway Games

June 5, 2007


We covered these games a while back, but Highway Games have now added them to thier site. Tokyo Drift, King of Fighters and Spiderman Pinball now have a full rundown on the site. I’m surprised that KOF has been added seeing as there’s still not that much info, cabinet wise at least, but good to seeing they are still updating thier the games list.

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WCCF World Cup Update

June 5, 2007

In a follow up to the post I made about the WCCF World Cup, the results are now available to view over at the Official WCCF website. So now you can see how the the competition went, how did the brits go out, what happened to last years champ and how the all Italian final came about. Hit the link to see the results in all thier glory.

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Global VR to lower prices on current and future titles

June 5, 2007


Now this is something I am quite happy to report – Global VR has announced that their initiatives to lower the manufacturing costs of their games has been met with success so they can offer more affordable games. As such they have reduced the price on their UltraPin video pinball table (probably so it comes closer to the price of Stern’s new pins) and price reductions on their other arcade games should follow shortly.

How much this will affect the price on their games remains to be seen but it certainly is good news for operators as well as players. Prices for many new arcade games are have been fairly outrageous for quite some time now, generally sitting in the range of about $7000-$8000 and many times higher thanks to ‘deluxe’ models. As you can imagine, it’s not easy for a small arcade to swallow the cost of such expensive games and if they do manage it, they generally have to charge a premium to the players in the hopes of eventually paying the machine off. Hopefully other manufacturers will take notice and follow lead such as Sega and Namco who have practically set the standard for high priced games despite using cheap technology to power them in using modified PS2’s or GameCubes.

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[Official Global VR website]

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Raiden IV now shipping

June 5, 2007


Arcade Renaissance has reported that a Raiden IV kit that they ordered has now shipped, I assume from Coinopexpress (who still has the game listed as coming soon but they don’t always update the site right away) and that it should be arriving before too long where they will post a review with plenty of impressions to go along with it. I have been rather interested in seeing more about Raiden IV – the official Raiden IV website doesn’t show much of anything except the date 6/7/2007 which I assume is the “official” release of the game, at least in Japan. In case you are looking to import the game yourself, you can buy it from Coinopexpress for a mere $1576 (plus shipping) and you need an Erget II cabinet. Or you can wait for the Xbox 360 version which should also be hitting the shelves before too long. It’s too bad that it probably won’t see a wide-release in arcades in the States although with the game coming soon to a console near you that wouldn’t matter much anyways.

[Arcade Renaissance – Raiden IV shipped]

[Fairly lame Official Raiden IV site]

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Location Review: Time-Out – Horseheads, New York

June 5, 2007

Arnot Mall Time-Out Logo
Today I am starting a new feature on this site to coincide with Shaggy’s review of the week. Every Tuesday I will be reviewing a different arcade location. Today, I am going to recall my visit to Time-Out at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY. For those who don’t know, Time-Out was a large arcade chain in the Northeast United States in the 1980s. During the peak of their popularity, they were at one point known as Sega’s Time-Out. In the 1990’s they were purchased by Namco. Today there are very few remaining Time-Out arcades. The Time-Out at the Arnot Mall is one of them.

The arcade has a large selection of the standard modern arcade money-makers such as driving games, shooting games, 3D fighting games, and dancing games. They have each genre lined up nicely, so you can pick your favorites with ease. When you first walk in via the left hand entrance, you will find a selection of driving games, such as The Fast and the Furious, Super Mario Kart Arcade GP, and The Fast and the Furious: Superbikes, and Initial D. On the opposite end of the wall, in the middle of the arcade, there are two more racing games.

Time-Out picture

On the back end of the arcade there are shooting games. The older games are on the left. Silent Scope 2 and House of the Dead 2 are side by side. Aliens: Extermination is next to that, and Star Trek: Voyager – The Arcade Game is right behind it. Oddly, sandwiched in between the redemption games and the shooting games is an ATV game. This is the only game that is not working at the moment. The arcade has a record of moving in new games at a steady rate, so there is a good chance that this game will either be replaced or repaired by the time of this writing. Next to the ATV game is the oldest game in the arcade, Virtua Tennis, circa 1999.

The right hand section of the arcade is completely dedicated to redemption games. There are some gems to be found here, such as Kick-It Pro. There are also the redemption mainstays such as a skee-ball clone called Ice Ball and a basketball game. The skee-ball game is a bit wonky for my tastes, however. I enjoy a nice game of skee-ball, but these balls are too light and there always seem to be too many balls left over at the end. I’m not sure if the game registered the correct number of balls allotted, but when you have a shot left over that isn’t recorded, you can’t help but feel a little ripped off. If you’re a fan of redemption games, you’ll find fun in the basketball game and Kick-It pro. I’d recommend avoiding Ice-Ball, and going for a real Skee-Ball experience at other arcades.

The last section of the arcade is a nook dedicated to arcade fighters. Soul Calibur III is available here, as is Tekken 5.

The cost of the games in the arcade is standard for today’s market. Virtua Tennis is one token (at 25 cents a token). The rest of the games cost 50 cents a play, while the driving games and the dancing game cost $1.00 a play.

If you’re looking for the latest arcade game, Time-Out at the Arnot Mall is worth a visit. If you are looking for older arcade games, there are arcades in the area better suited for that.