Insect Dash on Location Test

Not sure if this game is a spin off of Mushi King or not, but by the sound of it this game involves you swiping your insect card, much like the other Sega kids games and then bashing a button to win a race. Simple stuff really, what every floats your boat.

Read on for the location test description and pictures…..

– For the Sega new work kids card game ‘ insect dash! ! ‘ It went to the location test

It is the previous report being completed with am-net, but with ‘ the “Sega world Kasai” insect dash! ! ‘ The location test is in the midst of holding. Yesterday, you saw. Just 1 unit was installed. The latest version seems that is normal card all the 31 types.

The basis, repeatedly hitting the button, while gathering the honey in the road, aims toward goal first from the partner. First the insect card can be received, but the insect which is advanced profitably by stage is. Scanning that insect card, it calls. If it is stage “of the そ and others”, when it is the bee or the insect which flies through the sky, it is advanced profitably.

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